I moved almost 10 hours away from home when I was 15 years old. I never regret starting at the cycling school in Skara, in fact I´m pretty sure that I would never have become a professional cyclist without that move.

Living on your own at such young age is not easy and to “let go” like my parents did must have been even harder. I had to grow up fast and learn how to take responsibility. Something I´m very grateful for. I learned that when you do something, you do it 100%. Something that for sure had a big part in my career.
Now, being so close to becoming a parent myself I´m terrified. Terrified with excitment.

I want to succeed so much as a mum that it scares me.
How do I do it?! And what if the littleone wants to move away from home and go to a sport school when he/she is 15 years old like I did?!

To have my parents here during this week has been great. We have had some nice time just hanging out, not stressing from one thing to another. That they helped me to sort some last things out (like painting the roof in our bathroom) before the little one is here was very helpful.

When I sat them of at the train station yesterday morning it got to me that the next time I see them I´m a mum. And my mum and dad will be grandma and grandpa! That they still live 10 hours away is something I´m used to but I must admit that I really do wish they were closer!

Thanks mum and dad for making me who I am and for always being there for me. Soon it´s my time 🙂


Missing it all!

A weekend of catching up with the cycling world again was good for me.
My visit at the Swedish Bike Exhibition (Svenska Cykelmässan) made me realize how far away I have been from that world for a while now, and also how much I miss it.
And even though my belly is very pointy at the moment and my legs looks like they have never seen a bike, I still feel like home when I enter that world.

Not only did I bring good memories and new contacts with me back home… My parents met up in Stockholm and will spend a week with me back home in Norway while Martin is away again. He has a two-week period of races with the Mitchelton Scott team that he is working for and won´t be back until after the Ronde Van Vlaanderen.
Nice to have some good company that can keep my mind on something else when this belly is really starting to annoy me now…
On top of that one of my absolute favorite race is also coming up. The Ronde!
I can´t help but loving that one and this year is the first year since 2006(!) that I won´t even be there.

To keep myself busy and to keep up the spirit I´m already making plans for next year:
A spring period in Belgium like usual is what we will do and I´m already looking forward to it.
I feel it is important for our “little one” to get to know the country that both me and Martin love so much. And also for me of course, to finally breath some cobble air again 🙂


If I raced for money, I would have stopped long ago!

Here we go again, more talk about equality…
No, I´ll spare you that this time!
Money has never been a issue for me when it comes to the sport I love.
I have always raced with my heart and the honor and satisfaction from winning a race has always been enough. If the flowers a real (non plastic or fake ones) is enough 🙂
You´re laughing…?!
In the “old” days fake flowers was quite common and my very first flowers that I won in a kermesse race in Belgium were plastic. Good thing was that the supporter I gave them to could save them forever.

Not the plastic flower, just another great trophy.

On Sunday it´s time for the second WWT race in Drenthe and like every other race I have a nice memory from there too.
Not only did I start my career in Hoggeveen where the race has their finish.
In 2009 my husband also proposed to me just before the team presentation. To top it all I ended up winning the race. My very first World Cup win!
The cherry of the cake was the price I won that day; A vacuum cleaner!!! Oh how I love it!!! Everytime I use it I remind everyone around me (mostly Martin) how I got it and of course how good it is!
Laughing again?!

It is a true story 🙂

Throwback to WC. Drenthe 2009

I wonder who will create their favorite race memory today?!

I will follow, like always!

But first I will take out my trophy from 2009 and make my house shine 🙂