Training post pregnancy

During my pregnancy I have been missing my body pretty much. The freedom to be able to do what I want and to be filled with energy was what I missed the most.
Don´t know what´s normal but maybe it´s because of my history from being a top athlete. Always super fit and having 100% control over my body contra not even being comfortable to tie my shoes nor to shave my own legs…

I was looking forward to post pregnancy and that freedom again. To fit into normal clothes, not carry any extra kilos anymore and to be able to excercise like normal.

Some parts are going to plan, like the fact that I can see my own toes again and to tie my shoes without problem. And my weight is going steady down. To peak above 70kg at the end was weird and I´m happy to see those kilos dissapearing. That I dropped 10kg since his birth helps a bit atleast 🙂
Because Morris came to the world through c. section I´m still wearing “prego”pants to protect the scar that needs to grow. And for training I have very hard restrictions and I´m not allowed to carry any heavier then the babys weight. I can push the boogie but not in any hills, which makes it a bit complicated since we live on the top of a hill…
I need to be extra careful for atleast 2-3 more weeks and with lifting heavier weights they do say up to 12 weeks…

Poor Martin! This is what it looks like when we are on the go these days.
As long as I don´t do the hills 🙂

12 weeks seems like a long time. Not that I´m very keen on getting back into the gym but it´s more that someones tells you what you can´t do instead of what you can!

I have been through operations before but never such serious one as this. They have been through 5 layers to get him out and I do realize that I need to be extra careful.
Before I have just listened to my body and to push it a littlebit hasn´t been a risk. But when my midwife came for a home visit the other day and I told her I had been out with my boogie she looked seriously at me and told me off…

That´s how I am and how I always been, so guess it´s good that someone is telling me off! To push boundurys is just normal for me…


Summer is on it´s way and luckily they haven´t said anything about riding my bike… Maybe I won´t even ask 🙂

My road back to a becoming a fit mum will probably take some time but that doesn´t matter.
If there´s something we have me & Morris, it´s time <3

Think I will use this wrap alot these next weeks. Atleast til I´m allowed to push the boogie in the hills! Very cozy and easy way to carry your baby 🙂


Training while pregnant

I get some questions about how to stay in form during pregnancy.
This is something I wrote the day before my water broke:

What I call training today was probably what I would call an easy recovery day before.

From my last proper bikeride, can´t wait to get back into it!
From my last proper bikeride, can´t wait to get back into it!

During this pregnancy I have had lots of ups and downs. Up till week 7. I was training full and I didn´t even know that I was pregnant. Training full as a retired cyclist I mean 12-15hrs a week with different kind of exercise like running, gym and cycling (both mtb and road). Without a schedule, just what I felt like doing for the day.

Week 7-13. was horrible. I struggle to eat and slept myself through the days.
If I got out of the house for a small walk it felt like a win, that´s how bad it was!
After those weeks I was happy that it finally turned around and from week 14 I have been feeling great. Since I lost a lot of fitness during my bad weeks the intensity was a lot less after that and I also realized that I didn´t had (or wanted) to push myself hard anymore…
I could keep up with my running until week 32 (even though my growing boobs have been very annoying). When the roads got icy and finally enough snow fell, cross country skiing, snow shoveling and long walks filled my “training” schedule.

Everyone kept saying how good it is to train on the ergo when being pregnant, but I don´t agree at all. To sit in an upright position because of the belly being in the way was very uncomfortable for me, and it was also so far away from what I´m used to. Therefore I have only been on the bike three times since October!
To keep some of my muscles I was going to the gym through half the pregnancy. After that I have been doing home exercises with my own bodyweight, that has been enough these last months 😉

As you see I have done a little bit of everything. To listen to my body has been the key through this pregnancy and also not to stress about it. I definitely don´t feel fit at the moment and really look forward to get (at least some of) my body back.
Post pregnancy training will be a much more important thing for me and I will keep you updated about my plans… maybe some want to join me (and Morris) on my road?!


Winner “Gender & Weight” Competition

14 Days before due date I posted a competition where you could guess the gender and weight of our baby at birth.
It has been fun going through all your guesses, and no one got it 100% right.

I did have two people that guessed BOY 3250gram and that was the closest to Morris 3230gram.
One of them got her guess in on the 13th of April and since Morris was born on the 11th unfortunatley your answere was too late.

So the Winner is Sara Lindblom 🙂



I will Contact you per email and the price will be sent your way.
Thanks to everyone that participated 🙂



3230 gram of love.
Born on 11th of April 2018.

morris 45min old ©martinvestby
morris 45min old ©martinvestby

Eight days ago a little boy entered our life and changed it forever.
Never before have I felt so much love and now I finally understand what all mum’s are talking about.


My water broke at 2:15 in the morning on the 11th and at 14:37 a healthy little boy came to the world.
My wish for a normal birth changed when he choose to lye bum down and c. section felt like a safer option for the baby.
So after checking with ultrasound at arrival in the hospital to see if he had turned around or not (which he hadn’t) we just had to wait for a gap in the schedule.


When my water broke contractions started and they were coming steady every 9-10 minutes, being around 1 minute long. As the hours passed by they got stronger and at noon I couldn’t ignore them anymore. As they also started to come closer I rang my ”help button”.
That speeded it up a bit and suddenly it was my turn…

To get his little body on my chest after carrying him for 9 months was the strongest feeling I have ever had. Everyone have told me that this will be your long wished (and missed) gold medal in a big championship.
I say it’s way beyond that!

morris & dad ©emmajohansson
morris & dad ©emmajohansson

I look down at this little mixture of Martin and myself and the whole world stops. All that’s important is him and the love I feel is endless and it grows stronger for every minute that pass.

Morris, You are better than Gold and I love you to the moon and back!

An update about the Winner from my “Gender & Weight competition” is coming soon, so stay tuned!