Pretty Fast Promotions

With big goals and visions for the future the company “Pretty Fast Promotions ANS” was established in 2008. The same year Emma Johansson attended her first Olympic Games in Bejing and won a silver medal in the cycling road race.

Together with her husband and trainer Martin Vestby they want to unit their dreams, sport and business projects. More than 10 years in the world of top sport and participating in three Olympic Games has given them many experiences on and off the field.

Do you have a dream?
Maybe we can be a part of it.

WHO are we?

EMMA JOHANSSON: Recently retired professional cyclist. Motivator who gives speeches and just started a blog.
MARTIN VESTBY: Former professional cyclist. Now trainer, coach and sport director.

WHAT we do:

  • Promotions
  • Training: Organized training sessions and speeches for groups or individual athletes.
  • Inspiration: Listen to stories from Emma´s career. About setting goals and how a bumpy road with many challenges lead to a full filled dream.
  • Trips, Conference and Event: All kind of activities in combination with cycling.
Swedish company Govinn at Rallarvegen
Highest point of Rallarvegen
Developmentproject for girls. ©ChristerHedberg