Training while pregnant

I get some questions about how to stay in form during pregnancy.
This is something I wrote the day before my water broke:

What I call training today was probably what I would call an easy recovery day before.

From my last proper bikeride, can´t wait to get back into it!
From my last proper bikeride, can´t wait to get back into it!

During this pregnancy I have had lots of ups and downs. Up till week 7. I was training full and I didn´t even know that I was pregnant. Training full as a retired cyclist I mean 12-15hrs a week with different kind of exercise like running, gym and cycling (both mtb and road). Without a schedule, just what I felt like doing for the day.

Week 7-13. was horrible. I struggle to eat and slept myself through the days.
If I got out of the house for a small walk it felt like a win, that´s how bad it was!
After those weeks I was happy that it finally turned around and from week 14 I have been feeling great. Since I lost a lot of fitness during my bad weeks the intensity was a lot less after that and I also realized that I didn´t had (or wanted) to push myself hard anymore…
I could keep up with my running until week 32 (even though my growing boobs have been very annoying). When the roads got icy and finally enough snow fell, cross country skiing, snow shoveling and long walks filled my “training” schedule.

Everyone kept saying how good it is to train on the ergo when being pregnant, but I don´t agree at all. To sit in an upright position because of the belly being in the way was very uncomfortable for me, and it was also so far away from what I´m used to. Therefore I have only been on the bike three times since October!
To keep some of my muscles I was going to the gym through half the pregnancy. After that I have been doing home exercises with my own bodyweight, that has been enough these last months 😉

As you see I have done a little bit of everything. To listen to my body has been the key through this pregnancy and also not to stress about it. I definitely don´t feel fit at the moment and really look forward to get (at least some of) my body back.
Post pregnancy training will be a much more important thing for me and I will keep you updated about my plans… maybe some want to join me (and Morris) on my road?!