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About me


Name: Emma Karolina Johansson.
Born: 23 of september 1983 in Sollefteå, Sweden.
Family: Parents Tommy and Marie, brothers Johan and Jonas, married to Martin Vestby.
Profession: Cyclist.
Lives: Zingem, Belgium and Vestskogen, Norway.
Team: Wiggle High5 and Härrnösand CK
Contact me: martin(a)

Results: Almost all my results and statistics you can find her at Cycling Quotient.


What are your hobbies?
Music and “coffe breaks”

What do you do on Sundays?

When not racing I like to have a long breakfast before a longdistance training in the sun.

What is your motto?
“a winner is a loser who was willing to fail and get up, fail and get up, fail and get up, fail and get up and win”

Would you like to be famous?

Which do you prefer, sunrises or sunsets?
Sunrises, although I´m tired in the morning.

Who do you respect the most?
All people who are hunting their dreams and goals in life. Nothing happens unless you first have a dream.

Tell us something we don´t know about you?
I love dancing.

What is your goal in life?
To be happy and to win races.



I started out as a talented cross-country skier but at the age of thirteen I discovered the thrills of mountainbiking. I immediately realised that it was the sport for me. So when the choice for the upper secondary school was to be made there was no doubt about where I wanted to go. I attended the Cycling school of Skara for 4 years. Having better access to races and all the friends I made at school really helped me improve myself as a cyclist. Because most of the training was on the road, roadracing soon became my main sport.


2004: After cycling school I decided I wanted to become a professional rider so I moved to Spain for 4 months. Unfortunately, things did not turn out the way I hoped for and my Pro-dreams had to wait for a while.


2005: After Spain, where women cycling is a very small sport with few riders, I realized I had to go somewhere where the sport is bigger and more appreciated.


So with the help of some connections in my Swedish club, Härnösand CK, I went to the Netherlands. I stayed in a Dutch/Australian family as a half-time au-pair, this brought me closer to the big races along with the best riders.

And In June 2005 I signed my first professional contract with the Spanish team, Bizkaia Panda software Durango.


2006: I really enjoyed being a part of the Spanish team so I signed for the Bizkaia for 2006 as well. Finally I could get a complete racing program along with a lot of nice races. And starting in the Giro de Italia and the Tour de France Feminine have made me a far better cyclist and even though the beginning of the season was really tough for me I could end the season with good results and a better self-confidence.


2007: I was racing for the Belgium team, Vlaanderen Capri Sonne  T-Interim. You can say that 2007 became my “breakthrough” year and I had many really good results and at the World Championships in Stuttgart I was 6th.

2008: My real “breakthrough” year on top level of female cycling. Racing for AA Cycling Team gave me a chance to ride the biggest races along with the best girls in the world. A Silver at the Olympic Games, 1st overall in Trophee d´Or, 4th place at the World Championship and 6st at the UCI ranking made 2008 my best year so far!

2009: This was my first year with Red Sun Cycling Team, a club team that grew in to a full professionall team and gave me the opportunity to prove that I was established as a world toprider. Together with RedSun I collected my first World Cup victory, a 2nd overall in the World Cup Standings and many podium places.


2010: Became another great year for me. With Red Sun Cycling Team I ended 2nd in the World Cup and had some nice victories as Omloop het Nieuwsblad, GP Mameranus and overall victory in Throphe d Or. I also accomplished a long time goal of becoming the Swedish Campion RR.

In the World  hampionships I ended 3rd after a trilling sprint who almost put me in the barriers.

2011: After two  years with the Dutch Red Sun CyclingTeam I made a big change signing for Norwegian Team Hitec Products. Together with Scandinavian girls and fresh nagement I feel I was a part of develop woman cycling in Scandinavia. Team Hitec Products grow and the atmosphere was great. Winning overall in Thuringen Rundfahrt was 2011 biggest victory. I also kept my Swedish national champion title among the 10 victories this year. Ending 2nd in the UCI rankings and 3rd in the World Cup I proved myself as a world class rider.

2012: My second year together with Hitec Products – Mistral Home Cycling Team started of a bit less after a bad crash that I suffered in the beginning of the year. After a long recovery I did not make it back to top shape for the Olympic Games which was the goal of the season. Made a 6th place in the Olympic Games and a 9th place at the World Championships.
Top moment of the season was my win at the Tour de Free State in South Africa.

2013: Excited to be a part of the Australian registrated womans team; ORICA – AIS.


Name: Emma Karolina Johansson.

Profession: Cyclist

Born: 23 Sep 1983, Sollefteå, Sweden.

Team: Wiggle High5

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