Girls camp

Last weekend’s camp was a good one.
The two days included a bit of everything; a long session with mixed exercises, gym training, intervals on ergo, inspirational speech, groupwork about self-confidence and some other fun games.

I have started this project together with Vårgårda CK because I find it necessary and important.
In Sweden, cycling is a smaller sport and as a girl at the age between 15-17 much is happening. In the past, we have noticed girls choose to leave the sport around this age. I hope that through this project where we get girls together a couple of times per year, we can create a social environment and help them grow as a rider. By getting to know the other girls in the small peloton it will be more fun going to races. We focus on teaching them the things that you “expect to know” when you enter the national team or a foreign team in the future. Picking up a bottle from the car for example.
These are things I wish I had the opportunity to learn when I was younger so that I would know a bit more how to handle the things as they appeared later in my career.
Schedule was tight through the whole weekend and I´m pretty sure I wasn´t the only one who fell asleep in the car on my way home!

Next Girls camp will be in August 2019.




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