If I raced for money, I would have stopped long ago!

Here we go again, more talk about equality…
No, I´ll spare you that this time!
Money has never been a issue for me when it comes to the sport I love.
I have always raced with my heart and the honor and satisfaction from winning a race has always been enough. If the flowers a real (non plastic or fake ones) is enough 🙂
You´re laughing…?!
In the “old” days fake flowers was quite common and my very first flowers that I won in a kermesse race in Belgium were plastic. Good thing was that the supporter I gave them to could save them forever.

Not the plastic flower, just another great trophy.

On Sunday it´s time for the second WWT race in Drenthe and like every other race I have a nice memory from there too.
Not only did I start my career in Hoggeveen where the race has their finish.
In 2009 my husband also proposed to me just before the team presentation. To top it all I ended up winning the race. My very first World Cup win!
The cherry of the cake was the price I won that day; A vacuum cleaner!!! Oh how I love it!!! Everytime I use it I remind everyone around me (mostly Martin) how I got it and of course how good it is!
Laughing again?!

It is a true story 🙂

Throwback to WC. Drenthe 2009

I wonder who will create their favorite race memory today?!

I will follow, like always!

But first I will take out my trophy from 2009 and make my house shine 🙂


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