First racing weekends is out of the way and one thing is for sure: I´m not dissapointed!
2018 is going to give us many good battles and I love following all the races from my sofa.
Weather conditions have been hard and I think that what I witnessed during Strade Bianche on Saturday was probably the worst I have ever seen the female peloton race in?!
To start at 9 AM in light rain with a neutral zone in a descend is harsh… Then hitting the first muddy gravel section already wet and frozen!
The two years I raced that one was also cold but no where close to this years edition.

Photo ( from when I made the podium in 2016

To be honest I was happy not to be there even though I know that conditions like that was something I used to be really good at.

In both men’s and women’s race you could see riders coming in one and one. The race against themselves was probably the hardest on that day and in my opinion everyone that finished deserved a medal.

Like always it was good live broadcasting from the men´s race and even though we hope every year that it will be possible to watch the women´s too it is still not happening.

Equality is the hot topic these days, but it takes time and we need to be patient.

Looking back on all that has happened in and with the female peloton since I started my career on the higher level in 2005 the changes are massive. Teams are working more professional, riders are smarter and racing more as a team. You don´t see “unfit” girls in lycra anymore and the speed is higher. That they deserve to be live on TV too is clear!

The WWT (women’s world tour) is a step in the right direction getting closer to how the men´s peloton is working but still there is work to do.

Before when I was racing myself I didn´t really care whether it was possible to follow my race live or not but now, being a supporter myself, I totally see what everyone is complaining about.
A recap some hours after the finish it definitely not enough.

To be patient is definitly not my strongest point, so please give us more female cycling LIVE soon!



  1. “Equality is the hot topic these days, but it takes time and we need to be patient.”

    I think we have been too patient already, and for too long. And even though the racing keeps getting better, in some ways the coverage is getting worse. I used to find stage recaps of Giro Donne that were about 50 minutes long, online. Now they are about 8 to 12 minutes. Same thing with other races.
    Then they say a race will be Live on the internet. But the site has geographic restrictions. Why? The UCI should make it mandatory that if a TV station has the right of the broadcast, then they HAVE TO broadcast, or if they don’t, then they have to allow for the foreign broadcast to be allowed in that country.
    As a cycling fan, all of this is very confusing and very frustrating. It feels like they really want to slow down the process, instead of letting it grow. As if they are too lazy to manage something else. They are too comfortable.
    It actually makes me angry. OK, now I’m angry 🙂

    1. Hola Emma, pues ya sabes la fustración que sentimos los fans al no poder ver las carreras en vivo y después de varios días encontrar algo de 6 minutos en la internet, no es justo para las chicas tanto esfuerzo y sacrificio y al final solo 6 minutos de reportaje, ustedes son tan buenas como los hombres, espero que esto cambie pronto.
      Saludos desde Costa Rica Centroamérica.

  2. In recent years not only did pro women get more competitive but also, more exciting to watch. The best example is the women’s cyclocross season. Where Wout Van Aert and Mathieu van der Poel completely claimed the entire season’s camera time, in women’s races it was different. At least the girls from the pro cx peloton gave us some serious anxious final laps.

    The women cycling also got to a more international level with lots of nationalities from all over our planet. Making it more difficult to tell who will cross the finish line first. As well as you Emma, I hope to get more women races well broadcasted. But as you mentioned. Be patient!

    Kind regards


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