Excited to finally share the comeback of my blog!

“Emma Johansson – professional cyclist” has turned into “Emma Johansson – Olympian in transformation”.

Here I will keep you updated with what I´m going through on my journey from being one of the best cyclists in the world adjusting to a normal life.
What it´s like to leave the only thing you have done really good behind, to lose form, finding out what to do, becoming a mum and being one.

Maybe you have a question or a specific wish for a blogpost? Please share it with me if you do!

Hope you will continue follow me,


4 Replies to “Comeback!”

  1. I’m very happy to read your blog. My club SVTB would be honoured if you would ride with us in the month of september for finishing the Saison. Waregem is not so far away . After the ride we can offer you a fine dinner with your husband en baby. Kindly regards joost kerkhove 0494605126

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