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2015.08.25 - News reporter

Vargarda women worldcup 2015
The Vårgårda World Cup came down to a reduced bunch sprint won by Jolien d’Hoore (Wiggle Honda). I sprinted in for eighth place. When I line up, I race to win. Always. And I’m extra ambitious when I race at home. It should come as now surprise tat I wasn’t thrilled with my result.
I left Sweden on Sunday with a very happy heart. My teammates and I might not have gotten the results we chased, but this was a winning weekend from my perspective – that top step would have just been the cherry on the cake.



1. Traveling to a race at home is always easier and more relaxing. Martin and I drove from Norway. The four-hour car ride passed much more quickly than driving to the airport, hopping on a plane, driving to a team hotel, and it was much more relaxing, too.
2. Not only did my family and friends come out on race day (more on that later), but I also had a chance to hang out with them in the days before the race. Since pro cyclist life often means limited hang out time, this made me extra happy.
3. I know I’m a bit bias, but I think Swedish summers are the best kind of summers. The past few years, Sweden has decided to keep our lovely summers a secret, and we’ve raced in filthy conditions. This year was completely different. We had sunshine all week, and everyone could experience a true Swedish summer.
Vargarda women worldcup 2015
4. I take genuine joy in seeing other people fall in love with my home country, and because a lot of teams head to Sweden straight from the Ladies Tour of Norway, that meant riders had plenty of time to explore – and then show off their adventures on social media. It made me really happy to read all the tweets and Facebook updates and see pictures on Instagram of my teammates and friends in the peloton that obviously showed they were enjoying their time in Sweden. Even more, I loved imagining people that haven’t been to Sweden wanting to come visit because of what they were seeing.

Oh stop it Sweden!

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Have I convinced you yet that it is beautiful here? #Sweden

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5. While the course changes might have made the race a bit easier, the big loop is undeniably beautiful. People watching online got to see more of the “real” Sweden – the forests, the lakes, the countryside.
World Cup Vårgårda Road Race
6. I love hearing my name and seeing all the “Emma” signs out on course. The Swedish flags and all the blue and yellow decorations – especially up the climb – made feel especially proud to be Swedish national champion.
World Cup Vårgårda Road Race
7. My teammate Amanda Spratt always works so hard for all of us – and today her hard work earned her the most aggressive prize. It was rewarding to see her recognised for her contributions to our plan and overall objectives
Vargarda women worldcup 2015
8. My time in Vårgårda ended with what has become a bit of a tradition – a lunch with my family, Martin’s family and my best friend’s family. We eat at a pizza place right on the course. No matter how my race goes, I always look forward to this tradition – and this year was no exception.
Vargarda women worldcup 2015



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  2. karien says:

    emma !!
    sitting in austria, and reading these 8 reasons , gave me goose bumps !
    u make us al hungry to come to sweden soon 😉 take care, xx

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