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2012.11.09 - emma

My two last years have been good and I have some great memories together with Hitec Products-Mistral Home Cycling Team. I feel that I have developed a lot, maybe not much as a cyclist but more on personal level. Riding for a team with a smaller organization puts more responsibilities on the shoulders of the athletes and force them to mature. As captain in the team I feel I took this duty on my shoulder and it made me grow as a person and as a rider. I have learned lots and feel happy to been given these opportunities; working with sponsors, young riders, staff, racing and training planning.


I have always said I would like to race for a big international team where I can focus 100% on racing. After a difficult season I was in need of a change and I felt that now was the right moment. I have been in contact some teams, and my final choice is ORICA-AIS. They are a balanced team with an organization that runs smoothly and with riders that are professional and take responsibilities.


ORICA-AIS have strength to support me the best way on and off the bike, and I hope I can give the girls some of my experiences and help the team reach their goals for 2013.


Changing team also means that I’m standing in the middle of another cross road…
Some of my sponsors that have helped me through the last years will no longer have the opportunity to follow me and that makes me feel a bit sad.


It has been so much fun working with the energetic people from CRAFT, to develop new products and really see how a big clothing brand use their sponsored athletes in a positive way. Daniel and Mattias, I hope I still can come around and join your training rides and maybe even participate in the “BorÃ¥s Pro Tour training races”?! Thanks guys for your positive influence!


MISTRAL HOME I met through friends in Zingem, my home town in Belgium. MISTRAL HOME and the owner Luc Vanderbauwhede runs his company like a nice and strict father figure and he gives his employees freedom with responsibility. I have the feeling that Mistral Home is like a family for the people who work there and so it has become for me too. Thank you Luc for helping me fulfill my dreams and teaching me some about running a multinational company!


At last I want to say thanks to Karl and the girls!
Karl, I’m impressed by the workload that you can handle! Running a team all by yourself with the best intentions for us girls, that is respectful to manage. Thanks for these two years and keep up the good work…
Girls, two years together with most of you and one with some have passed really fast. I’m glad to have got to know you all and I hope that we all have learned something from each other. Even though I’ll be racing in another shirt next year, remember I’m still the same girl. See you out there…


So now I close some chapters and open some new ones… I’m excited!


I’m still Emma and I race to win!
Hope all of you; friends, sponsors (new and old), supporters and cycling lovers will follow my new chapter following my dream with ORICA-AIS.





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  2. Patrick says:

    Good luck Emma! I’m sure you made the right choice!

  3. Phil says:

    Pure class. Your fans will follow, no doubt!

  4. mammut says:

    good luck….love you!!!

  5. Saul says:

    In fact, Marianne herself has not won De Ronde yet!

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