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2012.08.31 - emma

Spending my days in Belgium -The paradise for every beer drinking chocolate lovers!
When it comes to beer I’m not the biggest fan but the Belgium pralines you just have to love…
Staying by “ma” and “pa” in Kluisbergen is great and this week they have thought me all you need to know for becoming a true Belgian!
First lesson was : Mosselen!
Mussels is my favourite Belgium dish and I’m so proud that I can make it on my own now. For sure I will bring that receipt back home to Norway with me!


Second lesson could have been how to make pralines, but that I better not know… Atleast I know how to pick them up from the fabric after yesterdays trip with “ma”! Summer is over and that means that her bakery “Molentje” is to be filled up with the autumn selection, mmmm… lekker!!
Come and check them out:)

Besides all these “lessons” I’m also doing my training of course. Some really important races are coming up soon and I want to be ready physically as well as mentally.

Had a great training with the Scheldegroup yesterday morning. Was great to see so many people meeting up (again!) along the canal between Gent and Oudenaarde. Actually it’s quite unbelieveble that they go there every weekday and that the peloton is so big every time, think we were around 50(maybe)! Will count the next time…
Anyway thanks for the company!
Autumn is coming closer and with that the off-season…
More news about that and 2013 will come soon I promisse!



  1. Niko says:

    Thanks for allowing me ‘in het wiel’ during the last part of your training today. Enjoy the ‘Brainwash Ladies Tour’ , my fingers are crossed.

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