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2012.07.11 - emma






9 days of Giro de Italia featured a bit of everything…
Good, bad, lucky, unlucky, happy and sad days. Some pasta, chicken and some lots of more pasta!
The only thing we didn’t have was bad weather, actually we did every single race in over 33 degrees. So we finally got that tan we have missed so much this season!
No but seriously we did suffer a lot from the heat over there, especially on the first days. Froydis from my team even suffered from heatstroke and collapsed on the bike! Luckily the ambulance came fast to her rescue and she’s all fine now.
Unfortunately we lost Christel because of a crash on stage 7, Froydis already after the 3rd stage because of the heat and Sylwia half way.




The rest of us kept going strong and even though we were only with four we managed to achieve some good results and a jersey even went back with us in the luggage with Elisa winning the younger classement!
Sara and Lise rode strong and kept on going in the break aways and I really have to say thanks to all of the girls and staff for all work that they have put down this week. You’re all so important for the final results!



Didijer (masseur) and Juan (mec) enjoys the sun and team at the podium!

Giljan our masseur was our playboy


Personally I felt I was growing stronger for every day and with two 2nd places and the stage win on the last stage was a dream coming true for me! Italian ice-cream and champagne on the square in Bergamo have never tasted so lovely!
Marianne Vos rode an amazing Giro, winning 5 out of the 9 stages and taking the GC with style!
Norway now for a week and the fresh air combined with normal temperatures is just what I need for a fast and good recover…



  1. Bert says:

    Alle succes in Londen!
    Je hebt al een Olympische medaille, maar die andere kleur is nog ietsje mooier! Ga ervoor, jij kent het belang van een medaille.

    De Baekelandjes roepen u naar goud!!!

    Lars, Vince, Anja en Bert

  2. mammut says:


  3. Phil says:

    It must have been a relief to win the 9th stage and confirm your improving form. Bravo!!

  4. Ches says:

    I think the only way is to keep it in a specific room and to isloate the alarm system so that it doesnt go off in that room. My own cats have the use of the kitchen (fortunately it is quite large) when I am out and the alarm is on in the rest of the house. They have their own beds, litter trays and plenty of food/water stations in there so they are quite happy.

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