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2012.05.20 - emma

Photo/Copyright: Bart Hazen

Photo/Copyright: Bart Hazen



Yesterday when summer payed Belgium a short visit I decided to make most out of it.
Woke up to freshly made coffee and straight away my body craved to be taken for a ride. TT bike there was and I headed out for 1,5 hour ride. Back just in time for lunch and to pack my bag before I left for the kermesse race in Breendonk.
Everyone I came across had a smile on their lips and it’s quite awesome how a summerday affects you. It’s like you get more energy and all problems seems to dissapear!

Photo/Copyright:          Fun racing!

Photo/Copyright: Fun racing!


Photo/Copyright:           Supporters enjoying the race and sun!

Photo/Copyright: Supporters enjoying the race and sun!

It has been more than a year since last time I raced a kermesse and I had forgotten a bit what it was like. Belgium kermesse racing are very “family like”  there is a nice relaxing atmosphere and they bring you closer to your friends, supporters and organisers.
A flat course with no wind made the race easy in the peloton. I was there to make the most out of it and with most of the peloton on my back I had a good and hard day. Attacking and closing breakaways was what I wanted. With everybody’s eyes on me it’s  funny how I can decide who gets to ride away.
Finished the beautiful day off with pacetraining behind the car and the first BBQ of the year together with our friends tasted lovely!

Photo/Copyright:           Pinning on my number.

Photo/Copyright: Pinning on my number.


Photo/Copyright: Bart Hazen

Photo/Copyright: Bart Hazen


A real “oldschool day” as I would call it (of in total almost 200km) and I know for a fact that they do me good!
South Africa next!



  1. Nia says:

    Look like your having a great time cycling!

  2. Patrick says:

    You look like you were having a grand time in Breendonk. Those girls behind you are suffering!! :-)

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