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2012.04.26 - emma

From my opinion the woman peloton has grown a lot these last years. The proffesionalism in the teams have increased and there are more riders racing offensive and strong and by saying that it is very sad to see another race get cancelled.
Tour Languedoc Roussillon would have had an awesome startfield since it was the first stage race in Europe for the woman peloton this year. Instead all teams will have to try and find other solutions for racing.
For Hitec Products Mistral Home CT it looks like we are lucky to get one of the last place for Tour de Free State in South Africa. A long trip but no time difference and I will get a chance to see a country that always have interested me!
You would think that arranging races shouldn’t be a problem on an Olympic year but guess not… Wonder when UCI will come to the woman pelotons rescue?!?!
A race that isn’t cancelled is Festival de Luxembourg and there I will start tomorrow evening in the prologue and then it’s a two road races on Saturday and Sunday.



  1. Phil says:

    Armstrong is riding pretty strong. It’d be great to have the Swedish champion competing here. Kristin put a hurtin’ on the competition in the ITT.

  2. Patrick says:

    Frustrating indeed. It seems to me the USA is becoming the place to be for female riders. I could see you do well in the SRAM Tour of the Gila for example, going on right now.

  3. Derek says:

    Bad & sad, the women’s racing has been brillant the last few years. The crisis is taking its toll everywhere.
    Hopefully the UCI will open those vast Swiss bank vaults of theirs and assist race Directors and the sport

  4. Saul says:

    Bad news indeed, just read your reaction in

    Here in Spain is also quite frustrating to know that GP Valladolid has been cancelled. I see it’s still in your calendar but it’s already another dead race.

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