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2012.02.12 - emma

Tomorrow finally Martin comes back home from a period of racing and training with Hitec Products – Mistral Home Cycling Team, which is the new name of our team for 2012.
15 days felt like a eternity when he left and it was strange to wave him goodbye (with the bikebag in his hand) at the train-station, that was so not the way it should be!
I can’t remember when we last time spent so many days apart… and it’s weird how being apart made me realize how much he means to me! It’s easy to take each other for granted when spending so much time together as we do and I’m pretty sure that these weeks have been good for us.
Luckily the days have passed fast and I have got really good quality out of my sessions on the hometrainer, and most important: I have recovered mentally from the accident and I feel SO ready to get back on the road.
At the moment I’m counting the days and for what it looks like I will have my first ride outside in exactly 7 days! 
In the end of this week we leave Norway and the winter for the spring(?) in Belgium. I know it’s been cold down there but I believe the that the warm weather will come once I’m back on track;)
When Martin is back I will try to get some new photos on my site. The scars looks so much better but I’m afraid my model plans have to go in the waste;)



  1. Hej!
    Jag har en del vädefulla tips, som
    funkar på längre tid,
    Hur skall, man behålla flytet?

  2. Bert says:

    Via Sharon en Peter uw revalidatie gevolgd. Je brak niet alleen je sleutelbenen, je breekt ook records door zo snel te revalideren. Binnenkort ben je weer in ‘Singhem’ voor training en wedstrijden. We kijken met de club uit naar uw voorjaar. Alle succes! Wielervrienden ‘from Neejzereth’

  3. Claire Thomas says:

    Glad to hear you are back 🙂 See you maybe oon the Schelde!

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Name: Emma Karolina Johansson.

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Born: 23 Sep 1983, Sollefteå, Sweden.

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