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2012.01.13 - emma

Down here at Gran Canaria not much happens. Not much besides that a lot of hours are being spent on my bike… and on my bed!
Before we left Norway Martin bought the new Procycling magazine and that is always good reading:) 
This time I was surprised to find an article with a female cyclist in it! Liz Hatch had some good answers to the questions they asked her and especially I appreciated the way she gave credit to all hard working female cyclists and her explanation of how difficult it is to make a living out of it for us.
But in one way the article annoyed me. Why give Liz Hatch two full pages in a magazine that normally do not write about female cycling? No offence Liz but wouldn’t it be more interesting to have an article about someone who is interesting because of how she races and not by her good looks?
Jealous you might think and in one way your right… But it really annoys me how female cycling never get the attention that it deserves and for the right reasons…
Liz has now retired as a rider but she has not left the sport completely. Model and other fashion work keeps her in it.
I just wish that other “big” cycling magazines could give us female athletes a bit more attention, we ARE more interesting than most people think but if they never get a chance to read about us how can they know?!



  1. Jessi says:

    Intelligent blog-article, thanks for pushing this into my conscious!

  2. sonia truyts says:

    Beste Emma;sorry wij hadden je echt niet herkend,anders hadden we jou misschien een beetje kunnen helpen!!Wij zaten in het zelfde compound recht tegen over jou,en konden zien hoe ernstig je wel geraakt was!
    Je werd uitstekend geholpen door je vriend(man)In elk geval wij wensen jou een zeer goed herstel toe en hopen dat je weer snel beter wordt!!
    Je vertrek uit Gran Canaria had je U waarschijnlijk anders voorgesteld maar blijf er aub in geloven,en dan wachten U nog mooie sportmomenten!Het allerbetste Els en Sonia

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