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2012.01.01 - emma

2011 have been a great year in so many ways and together with Team Hitec Products I have experienced many good days both on and off the bike.
I have two top “highlights” from 2011 and the first one is when we (as a team) won Thüringen Rundfahrt in July. For me that is my strongest memory ever when it comes to team spirit and teamwork!
My 2nd highlight is a “non” bike one; 8 of January when me and Martin got married. It was such a beautiful day and the fact that we got to share it with friends and family that we love was absolutely unforgettable.

©Helga Starup

©Helga Starup

Of course I also have some bad memories and one especially is the World Championship in Denmark. A more boring and passive race I have never experienced and I really do hope that I won’t have to ride such a race ever again. The atmosphere created from all the Swedish, Norwegian and Belgium supporters though I would love to repeat at every race that I do in 2012, they did everything right! Sorry I could not pay you all back with a medal…
To keep me motivated in the winter my brother have made a “Feel Good” movie with memories from 2011, and I will now share it with you! Hope it can make you feel good and maybe even get you to jump on your bike…
Thanks to Dave Rietbergen, Bart Hazen, Patrick Picon, Luc Blowe for capturing all these good memories for me!





  1. Francis Parmentier says:

    Chère Emma,

    J’ai appris avec stupeur l’accident dont vous avez été la victime. Je vous souhaite un prompt rétablissement et beaucoup de courage pour aborder cette épreuve.
    Je suis un fervent supporter français et je vous admire beaucoup.
    J’espère que vous reviendrez bien vite dans le peloton et que vous nous donnerez encore beaucoup de victoires.
    Très sportivement.


  2. team Hitec supporter says:

    Wish you and your team a really good year 2012.Love you!

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Name: Emma Karolina Johansson.

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