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2011.10.21 - emma





The weeks are passing so fast and even though this should be my rest period I’m more busy than ever.
All the things that I don’t have time for during the season, it all has to happen now… And I’m enjoying every moment of it!
Having my littlebro with girlfriend for a visit, our day trip up to  Gaustatoppen (a mountain of 1898hm not far away from where we live in Norway) in beautiful sunshine and good company and not to forget mention  my tour of Sweden where I payed my “partners” CRAFT and enfo a visit to show my appreciation for their support are a few things among many.








As you all know 2012 will be an Olympic year and the “pre”work has already started.
Me and Emilia Fahlin went to London together with coach Madeleine Lindberg-Wall for a couple of days. On the schedule was: to see the circuits and to “DO” London.
All Monday was spent either in the car or on the bike and more than 8 hours of shammy-time was collected. Circuits looks good and think it was a really important thing in our preparation to have seen it all!
Tuesday we spent down town, starting with Stratford where the Olympic Village is and the new shopping mall next to it had to be tried out of course… After that we head into the center and Harrods was visited before walking the last kilometers to the finishline that will be just in front of Buckingham Palace!
Also Big Ben, Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus was seen and after a delicious Italian dinner we finished it all of with the musical “The Lion King”. Lovely days and I really feel like I got most out of my days in London, to be said is that I came there a few days earlier than Emilia and Madde and spent the weekend with friends!
Loved London and can’t wait to go back!









Here in Norway winter-training is coming closer and it’s getting time to start preparing for it, training-aches welcome!?




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  1. Jonas says:

    Härliga dagar! Välkommen till ett höstigt Falun på tisdag :)

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