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2011.09.09 - emma

No wind and no rain today made today’s stage easy compared to last days.
And probably the most difficult thing is to stay out of trouble, and by trouble I mean crashes!
For me I was down on the ground early in the race and my bike was really in serious pain with a broken handlebar… Me I was OK and could get back to the peloton quit fast on my spare bike!
But to get involved in the sprint for 4th place (3 was away) was not so interesting for me and I crossed the finish as 15th.
Tomorrow will be another flat stage and then on Sunday we go to the hills:)
Sweet Dreams


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  1. Marie says:

    Lykke til videre, kjør på!:) Savner dere alle!

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Name: Emma Karolina Johansson.

Profession: Cyclist

Born: 23 Sep 1983, Sollefteå, Sweden.

Team: Wiggle High5

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