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2011.06.27 - emma

Suddenly I’m back home in Norway after a fast and fun period of racing.
Spain was as always lots of fun (always nice to meet old friends) and in Italy we also got one beautiful week in the mountains. The area of Trentino was so beautiful and I must consider me lucky to be able to visit all these different and nice places, without cycling that would not happened!
The only thing that has been negative is the absence of Internet connection, that has made my updates here on my website almost impossible but I hope that you have been able to follow me on twitter where I’m getting more and more followers which inspires me to update more often!
Giro del Trentino was a really nice race with short and hard stages. To be able to go back home with a stage win on the last day as a result of our good teamwork and to take 2nd in the GC we were more than satisfied!
For me to see that my form is growing for every week and that I’m feeling stronger and stronger for each race makes me confident that I have done a good decision to split the season into three periods this year instead of two like I have always done before.
That also made me feel fresh for the first time ever coming back home to Sweden the national championships at Sollerön, normally that has been the last thing I do before my mid-season break and you could really feel a difference.
On the timetrial you could not notice that so much and once again I was 2nd behind Emilia Fahlin who is a great timetrailer and she really deserves the blue and yellow skinsuit!
The Swedish Championships roadrace is actually one of the hardest race that I do during the season and this years was not going to be any different. With me and Sara Mustonen we were two at the start from Team Hitec Products. And with the plan to make it a hard race from the start and to split the peloton I attacked already after 5km. A passive peloton let me go and for long they controlled it on 30 seconds. I was not really sure if I was going to fullfill my attack, 133km (4 x 33km (flat course with one climb)) alone looked like suicide!
With a hope to get some company I continued and on kilometer 50 I got company from Annika Löfström (Falu CK) and Monika Holler (Team Alriksson). With Annika going full with me we created a bigger gap and coming into the climb for the 2nd last time it looked very good. Suddenly she “hit the wall” and I had to continue alone again (50km to go) and this time I was going for a long solo win! To have Sara sitting in the peloton, Team Hitec had one more card to play if I was caught back so however we had the best chances to win!
Some disagreement in the peloton and my gap just got bigger and bigger… 2min… 3min…

Some might think that the Swedish Championships should not mean so much for me but there they are wrong. I have only been in the blue and yellow jersey one year before and it has really been a great experience and I’m very proud to wear it at the races.
So to be able to cross the finish line alone again this year was absolutely fantastic and to be able to wear the blue and yellow jersey one more year really means alot to me!
Right now I’m enjoying some days of “vacation” back home in Norway and then it’s racingtime again.
Giro Donne starts on Friday.
Living my life you have no choice but to love racing – And luckily I do!



  1. Bosse Selin says:

    Jättebra och GRATTIS till ännu ett SM GULD
    Njut och samla krafter till Giro Donne!

  2. mammut says:

    Congratulations, you look great in the swedish colour and we know that you had worked for it!!! Love you

  3. Henke Ã…bom says:

    Grattis Emma!
    Härlig text :)

  4. Wim says:

    Amazing! Geniet ervan!
    ps. would like to see you once @ de schelde

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