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2011.04.15 - emma

Yesterdays race were slow and easy because there was no wind, something that is rare in Holland. Therefor it got a bit stressful with a lot of crashes again…

Tone Hatteland, my team mate, broke her collarbone. Sad but crashes is  a part of cycling.


I managed a 3rd place after a sprint who started from way to far behind. I’m happy to see my sprinting habilyties is good, but I need to be placed better before it kicks in.

Report and photos from the race her.


Tomorrow is the big day: World Cup Ronde van Drenthe!

I dream about 2009….





1.  VOS, Marianne              NED     3.21’30″        
2.  OLDS, Shelley                DIA     3.21’30″        
3.  JOHANSSON, Emma     TEA     3.21’30″        
4.  BRAS, Martine              DOL     3.21’30″        
5.  DEVOCHT, Liesbet        TOP     3.21’30″        
6.  BRONZINI, Girogia         FOR     3.21’30″        
7.  BACCAILLE, Monia        SC     3.21’30″        
8.  GOSS, Belinda              AUS     3.21’30″        
9.  GILMORE, Rochelle       LOT     3.21’30″        
10. SÖDERBERG, Isabelle AGO     3.21’30”


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Name: Emma Karolina Johansson.

Profession: Cyclist

Born: 23 Sep 1983, Sollefteå, Sweden.

Team: Wiggle High5

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