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2010.10.15 - News Editor

2010 season is over, it has been a good year with some really good results. Finishing of with the Bronze medal in the Worlds was a good thing as it gives me hope for the future.
Vacation in Sydney was great and Martin and me got to see the Opera House, do the Bridgewalk, walking in the Blue Mountains and we spend many hours on different cafes trying out which Cappuccino that is the best 🙂
Coming back home to our sofa in Norway was the best part though…

Since I came back I have had time to think about my life. Being Emma Johansson the cyclist that everyone knows and being Emma Johansson the girlfriend, friend, sister and daughter…
One of my strengths as a cyclist is my way of handling pressure. I don’t feel pressure from others since it’s my own goals and the pressure from myself will always be the highest. As a cyclist I’m a egoistic person, I put all my time and a lot of effort into this and I compete to win.
My results gets measured and my work get examined on every race. As a cyclist I put myself in the spotlight so that everyone can see and judge me and sometimes that makes me feel naked…
My reflections after races are done with a wish to stand my exam as the best. Every race gets analyzed and even after a race I won I will find things that I could have done better. The hardest criticism I give myself and that’s why I have reached this high level.

Everyone likes to work with a winner when they stand on the podium but to work with them every day is not easy.
I compete to win and I’m not always easy to handle. I sometimes expect the same from people around me and that can seem unfair.

I want to say thanks to all of you that have survived working with me this year. You are all important and a part of it!

Being a good girlfriend, friend, sister and daughter is what I will work on this winter. Starting from tomorrow when my little bro is coming to visit 🙂




  1. freddy en marleen says:

    groetjes van uit aalbeke dikke knuffel

  2. Patrick says:

    I understand how difficult it must be to meet all the demands that you feel around you, knowing that you’re probably a person who wants to excel in everything she does and in everything she is to people.

  3. patrick homoet says:

    well emma you’re quite philosophical and that is what makes you so special. ofcourse you feel naked with all those staring eyes on you before and after a race, but I suppose that is part of the deal that you are truly interesting. more interesting than the “normal” cyclist.
    and talking about beïng stared at; according the new serie foto’s you like to act the vamp fatale of the fifties stepping long legged out of expensive cars.
    enjoy your normal live and see you next year again as EJ

  4. francis says:

    plan your wedding Emma. martin can not wait any longer.

  5. Jenny says:

    Det där med att arbeta pÃ¥ att vara en bra vän behöver du inte….DU ÄR REDAN DET!!! Stor kram!! 🙂

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