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2010.09.19 - News Editor

Autumn is the time of year when rumors and news hit the cycling world and riders and teams making (secret?) planes for the next seasons.

For me it took some time to decide what to do next year. Leaving Red Sun Cycling Team gone be strange. Mostly because I have worked with Heidi Van De Vijver for three years. But the team didn’t give me any choice as a new contract was not offered and because the unsecure future of the team.

My new team next year will be Norwegian “Team Hitec Products UCK”. A smaller team with mostly Scandinavian riders. I made my choice going there because of the same reasons signing for Red Sun two years ago. The freedom within the team and the possibilities to build up a calendar after my will is important. This freedom gives me also a lot of pressure, as the “captain” of the team it will be me who gone make the most results and help the other riders develop. That’s not a new situation for me, so I know I can handle it.

I look forward to next year! Working in an Scandinavian atmosphere, speaking my language and not always be seen as “the foreigner” will be relieving. The other big thing will be that I will have my couch  and boyfriend as a team director. It’s gone be fun but also a big challenge…. :-) 

Photo/copyright: Tom Tveitan

Photo/copyright: Tom Tveitan

The goal for all of us, is to make “Hitec” one of the best teams in woman cycling and collect the best Scandinavian riders in one team aiming for the Olympics 2012.

But before thinking about next year…. One stage of Toscana left and world championships in Australia!





  1. Emma Johansson says:

    Steven: Zingem will still be my base in Europe, so I will always come back there! Don’t you worrie 😉
    Robert: I know it will be a new situation for me and Martin and we have prepared well for it. The girls already know Martin since he have been with them on a few races this year already and they are happy to get him as sportdirector. For him and everyone the most important thing will be that the team perform well and win races… who it is doesn’t matter!

    Thanks for all good luck wishes :)


  2. robert says:

    Hej Emma. Lycka till med ditt nya lag och stor framgång under 2011. Eftersom din fästman / snart kommer att vara make kommer att bli din cykel direktör, kommer de andra kvinnorna tror att du kommer att få förmånsbehandling?

  3. redsun cycling team says:

    Happy Birthday Emma!

  4. Bravo Emma for your victory to Gold Trophy at Saint-Amand. I dare not do speak you this day.For tomorrow a good happy birthday et good luck for the championship in Australia. Excuse-me for my bad English.

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