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2010.03.30 - News Editor

After the race on Sunday I had my worst nightmare ever losing my engagementring. It all happened so fast! A small room full of 6 RedSun riders in a hurry to take a shower and pack our bags for the trip back to Belgium. I realized 20min later and the panic was there… Looking through my bags, the room, all blankets, and under the bed over and over again… No ring! Had some of the girls searching through their bags aswell… still no ring! The tummy ache was terrible but when I looked through my plasticbag for dirty racing clothes there it was, blinking and shining to me 🙂 And I could not hold back my tears anymore!

© Foto:Tom Tveitan

© Foto:Tom Tveitan

With the ring back on its place on my finger we could take of towards Belgium…
A sleepless stop on a hotel in Switzerland felt worthless as I had to get back in the car just as tired on Monday morning.
All Monday was spent in the car and once back home I felt like I was dying! Finished off a long day with Chinese take away and an episode of Dexter, my new favourite series, togeter with Martin.

Finally a good nights sleep and this morning it felt better. Powertraining on the schedule and with less motivation it felt like a victory when it was over! Even got some support on my powerintervalls over Edelareberg as the “Driedagse De Panne” was passing on my hill and I had no intention to change my training 😉
After a loong massage and leftovers from yesterdays chinese I´m now crawled up on the sofa and ready for another episode of Dexter!



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  1. Derek says:

    Thank goodness you found your engagement ring. I haven’t seen Dexter but I do like to watch Wallander which is very popular here in England.

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