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2009.12.10 - News Editor

My idea was to update my site already after Sundays training. I had taken photos to show you how lovelly the weather is in Norway (NOT!) no winter yet and after a session in the mud my clothes were not white anymore…
Something is wrong with my site and I can´t put photos on it :( 

Last Monday me and Martin went to Sweden to meet my car sponsor Hanssonbil, there we had a “spinning” session with invited girls from schools around Vänersborg with a idea to recruit more girls to the sport. It was nice to see so many girls showing up and I think we had a nice time on the bike, atleast I had!!
A dinner with the lovelly family Larsson and after that me and Martin were ready for our talk. Hanssonbil had invited customers, friends and cyclists to their shop and that ended a lovelly day in Sweden.

Right now I´m lying in our sofa in Norway watching Obama receiving the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo. Strange how one man can have so much influence and get som much attention.
Soon Martin comes home from work and the days are coming closer to Christmas!

Here is a interview that Pezcycling did about me last week:




  1. bart says:

    lovely interview… you’re so very natural! keep it up

  2. matilda says:

    Tycker din hemsida är hur fin som helst. Jag är ocksÃ¥ cyklist, lÃ¥ngtifrÃ¥n din nivÃ¥… men jag är det =) Jag vill bygga en hemsida och undrar om du skulle kunna skriva ett inlägg här om hur du har gjort, eller vem som har hjälpt dig sÃ¥ jag kan kontakta honom eller henne.
    Vore jättesnällt av dig!

    Kör hårt, jag fortsätter heja på dig!

  3. Jonas Petter says:

    Emma for president!

  4. mammut says:

    Hallo, really nice interview and photos.You seem to have a good time. Looking forward to christmas….

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