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2009.06.29 - News Editor

Once again a Swedish Championship is over. This year was almost like last year, or maybe even worse… I took my responsibility as the professional rider I am and it was ME who created the first group of 7 riders that road away at Kinnekulle on the first lap. Lap number 4 it was ME who attacked on the hill again and road away with Susanne and Emilia. Together Me and Emilia worked hard to make a gap to the others but with Susanne not taking a turn the four riders came back. On lap number 5 it was ME again who attacked and came away alone with Susanne following on my wheel… I took long and strong turns and gave everything to show that I want to race. Still no interest shown from Susanne and Emilia came back. Soon the group was back to 7 riders again and back on the last local lap the attacks began. I know I should go on every attack, but I´m not a machine… So two riders (Jennie Stenerhage and Karin Aune) got away and they did a perfect race according to the situation. It´s nice to see offensive racing from girls that dares to win. Me and Sara tried to chase the two back but did not succeed.
Jennie is now the new Swedish Champion before Karin Aune. The Bronze medal was taken by Marie Linberg who did a strong race.

So what did I do wrong? The only thing I can think of is that I maybe should have agreed on Susanne sitting on my wheel for 123km and then easy beat her in the sprint… But since I´m almost not human that should be possible, shouldn`t it?!

I know I want to win, and I know that I´m selfish and egoistic. But I always try to race for victory that´s why I get upset about riders that not dare to win or lose.

I tried to win but I lost and I´m not happy about it.

This is nothing personal against Susanne it´s just me not understanding her way of racing. And it´s just one solution… Getting that strong so I can ride her off my wheel!




  1. Betty says:

    Hi Emma, do not be disappointed, you’ve done your best, you’re a fighter, one day you win the WK, dikke kus, Michel en Betty xxxxxxxxx

  2. De Loor - Oukaci says:

    don’t let this get to you Emma, focus on the remainder of the briljant season you are making! The last line of your message is the spirit.

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