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2009.06.02 - News Editor

A jetlag have never ever been so wonderful… Just back from Montreal and I´m tired, very tired!
Flew over there for this one important race and for the first time this year I was actually nervous at the start. What if I can´t do what I´m here to do I thought… But standing there at the start side by side with my Swedish teammates and Klas and Martin in my ear (on the radio) made me relaxed. The start went off and just what we had expected, Emma Pooley attacked. Nobody went with her and she did the whole race alone in the front! Behind in the peloton the race was bit stressful for me since I had to change bike two times. First because my saddle slowly was sinking down and then to change back to my competitionbike again (which is much better than my trainingbike). Once my bike was ok again I could start to race. The climb was the breakpoint every lap and the peloton just got smaller and smaller. I attacked the last time over the climb and got the group down to 9 riders. Going into the sprint I knew that Trixie Worrack might be the fastest and to beat her I needed to start the sprint before her, so with 200m to go I went… And just made it 🙂 2nd place and the World Cup jersey is back on me again!  
Perfect timing since next time the World Cup will be in Sweden, 31 of July (TTT) and 2 of August.

Now some days to recover and save up some energy. Next race will be Durango-Durango and La Bira in Baskien, Spain.




  1. Carol Bergeron says:

    I sas thé race in Montreal. It’s m’y place. M’y montain. Your race was gréât good tactic but thé wiwnner was too string this Day. Sometimes a second place is like a first place. Do this élèvent time. Crazy. Congratulation again.

  2. Jonas says:

    Lillebror likes this!

  3. Max says:

    Yeah! That was very close! Fantastic race, fantastic result! You are the best forever!

  4. kristine says:

    KONGE; GRATTIS!!!!!!!!

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