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2009.05.19 - News Editor

Changed the camping from the first days for a nice hotel this time. We stay now in a small village called Amelie Les Baines, just in the foot of the Pyrénées. Beautiful place and it is here that we have the stage for tomorrow.

In the stage today I was feeling good. And on the last climb I was in the group of 11 riders that took up the chase of Ina Teutenberg that had been away solo for a long time. After many attacks the group splitted and I ended up in the second one. Winning the sprint gave me a 5th place on the stage and I´m now on 10th place in the GC. 




  1. Derek says:

    Very well done so far Emma. For those fan who don’t know,there are some excellent photos of the race on the Petitesreines website as well as the official race website. It certainly looks very hot, especialy for May. All the very best for you and the RedSun team for the rest of the race.

  2. Jontepilidurr says:

    Om man ändÃ¥ fick glida runt i Pyrenéerna och vara fan-club till världens bästa Emma! Det hade jag gillat. Istället väntar tre tentor pÃ¥ tvÃ¥ veckor och en mÃ¥nads plantering. Det är inte klokt vad det är skönt att leva! Du ÄR rock n’ roll syster!

  3. Max says:

    Emma! I am your fan from Russia (yes, you have fans even here :) ) I think you still can win a race and I hope you will do it! Anyway, you are the best rider in the world!

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