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2008.05.27 - News Editor

Last days in the Tour was hard – very hard! Last climb on the only 71 km stage was steep and felt very long… With Ljungskog, Cook, Arndt and Worrack going full I had to see them dissapear in front of me. With two legs that felt like “wood stocks” I ended up in the group of 10 riders that was chasing… But with Worrack going full in the first group (to take back her podium place in the GC) and with my “wood stocks” in the second we didn´t have a chance :-(
Irene had to see her 3rd place in the GC be taken by Worrack. Good work from my team this day but it just wasn´t enough, Worrack was stronger and we had to accept it.
For me this Tour has been a totally new experience, finally I know what everyone has been taking about. Alot of wind, hills, climbs, dangerous descends and heavy roads… that´s Tour De L´Aude.
Coming back home with an 3rd place as best result on one of the hardest stages, six top 15 places and a 13th place in the GC I´m satisfied. Still missing out of a stage win but I´m sure it will come… and that´s soon!

Next coming up is a well deserved mini rest, before I´m on it again. First two races in Holland before I go to La Bira. Can´t wait to come down to my “Bizkaian familly”…

warming up to the ttt.

view from our cabin in Osseja, close to Andorra




  1. iosune says:

    Hola emma!! soy iosune, ya sabes que aqui tienes un sitio eh!! un saludo y nos vemos!!

  2. Sandra says:

    Hej gumman!
    Ser att det gÃ¥r bra för dig:) Kommer du hem nÃ¥t i sommar? Skulle vara skit skoj att träffas… Lycka till med allt! Kramar frÃ¥n Sandra,Ante, Mira och Peggy

  3. Nysa , Härnösand says:

    Trots dina “woodstocks legs” tycker jag du presterade bra, med en hedrande 13.e plats.
    Vi räknar med att du är i toppform till VM i Varese. Där kommer vi gamla gubbar att närvara.
    Fast eg. hoppas jag att den verkliga toppformen kommer till OS i Peking. Vi får väl se. Ha det och vi ses på SM i Falun//Nysa

  4. boco says:

    woodstock var nog en trevligare upplevelse än det du menar

  5. johan says:

    Bra jobbat, jag ar ocksa saker pa att den dar vinsten kommer snart. Slappna av och gor det du ar bast pa, cykla och le! Helt plotsligt orkar inge folja….


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