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2008.04.08 - News Editor

What can you say?! More than that my big victory/podium result have to wait for a bit longer. But the bird is still out flying even though it seems like I can´t find it fast enough to the finish! Since I´m so late with my report from Ronde van Vlaanderen I guess that everyone already knows how the race unfolded, if not you can find a resume in english or swedish .
Racing the “Ronde” this year was very special for me and I really feel at home. I had supporters shouting and cheering for me in every corner, every cobbles and every hill. Maybe that is why it´s hurting so much to end up on a 9th place when you´re that close…
Anyway I have not given up and I´m still going for my first big victory… And with all the help from my supporters I´m sure that we will make it!

Monday I did Dottignies. With surprisingly fresch legs after Sundays Ronde I ended up in the group of 16 riders that fought for the victory. With 4km to the finish once again I was in a position where a podium place was in my head. But together with Susanne Ljungskog and Adrie Visser we couldnt agree about how to get the group working so once again I was cought back by the group. Hope the rest of the season want be like this race… Luckily our sprinter in the team Kirsten Wild was there with me and she could take the 2nd place in the bunchsprint while I rolled into a 14th.

Next coming up is Drenthe, first racingday is on Thursday and then Saturday and Sunday.

Molenberg, photo: Ivan de Wilde




  1. Jonas, Maggan, Bäjvásj och Kungen says:

    Jag tyckte då att det var en bra placering! Det är bara att fortsätta bju tanken.
    Tack för senast förresten! Det var jättekul. I söndags såg jag hela Eurosport-sändningen för att se Koppenberg :)
    Pälsmössan sålde dina hjul till mig.
    Ha det bra och hälsa Martin!

  2. Ivandw says:

    don’t worry Emma, with your spirit, the help from Martin,a little bit of luck and – of course – the cheers from your supporters,a big one will come.

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