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2008.02.03 - News Editor

Good Morning! Woke up to a bit dark sky… But I had two Café con leche for breakfast so I will be fine 🙂
4 hours on the schedule…

view from our hotel... looks a bit dark




  1. Sailor says:

    Home run! Great slugging with that anwser!

  2. Boyfriend says:

    Hey Baby!
    Tomt her i kveld…
    HÃ¥per du nyter varmen og at treningen gÃ¥r fint. Kos deg masse. Skulle gjerne vært med… Lange “rolige” turer frister mer en vind, sand og grisebank av cross gutta 🙂

    puss puss

  3. Hello emma,I look you and your new team today in calpe I racing and you training,my english is very bad!.in spanish ok.te e saludado y todo como iba sobrado jeje.proximo sunday race in benidorm.saludos emma calpe es bonita verdad!.no entrenes mucho y toma mucho sol(sun) bye

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