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2008.02.01 - News Editor

Life in Zingem is moving so fast. Feels like I just came back from Wales and already it´s time for my second trainingcamp this year. I´m leaving tomorrow from Brussels and I´ll be gone for two weeks… heard on the weather forecast that it´s going to snow this weekend in Belgium. Hope we will have more luck in Spain.

So what have I been up to since Wales!? Hmmm… not much actually. Martin have been away to Italy for the cyclocross Worlds so I had a weekend of my own. Spent it with Emma on IKEA 🙂 and a girls night out on a restuarant. Painted our guest room, so now everything is ready for when my mum is coming in the end of February! Besides from that it´s been a lot of training and a lot of rest…

This is the way I look in my new clothes.

Me in my new racingjersey

full kit




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  2. Patrick says:

    Well, you look gorgeous as usual! Nice bike too. Good luck with your season!

  3. Jenny says:

    Hallå vännen!
    Nya dräkten är godkänd, men inte mer 😉
    Ser fram emot att besöka gästrummet snart, går det att boka in någon bra långhelg måntro!?!?!
    Hälsa mammsen när hon kommer och ge Martin en kram!
    Saknar er som valigt! 🙂
    Puss och kram!

  4. Tomás says:


    Good luck with your season! I just read your interview in Pezcyclingnews. My seven year old daughter’s name is also Emma and she likes to ride her pink bike with me during the summer. My wife Barbara is of Swedish ascentry (her ascestors came from a town named Hjo. So my family is rooting for you.
    Best wishes,


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