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2008.01.18 - News Editor

8 days and 37 hours.

Staying at Ty Derw, Emmas parents place has been great! Wounderful house, hostess and nature.
For training it´s been perfect. Me and Emma got some really good long rides in the variated landscape and variated weather… Every day we have started our ride looking on
the three elements, rain cold and wind – trying to stay positive! The day we did 4 hours in pouring rain and terrible wind, the things we said to eachother was: “atleast it´s not cold” and “we´re happy not to be a sheep today”

In the end we were very lucky as that day turned out to be the only day with bad weather.

Overall Wales have been great, finally I´m starting to feel like a rider again. Eight days of hard cycling have done good for my condition, I feel that all my power from the winters powertraining starts to transform into “cyclingpower”.

Today I´m back in Belgium and tomorrow it´s time for another trainingcamp. This time it´s closer to home and it´s with my team. We´re doing the course of “Het Volk” and “Ronde van Vlaanderen”.

Seasone is coming closer, and I feel more ready than ever…

morningsession before breakfast

Just called to say I´m coming home...



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  1. Dr. G says:

    You are pretty enough that you could have been PezCyclingNews’s “daily distraction” in addition to being interviewed. Go Sweden!

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