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2007.08.17 - News Editor

Yesterday morning when the alarm sat off I didn´t want to leave my bed. Ouside I could hear the wind howling in the trees and I knew that I had a long day ahead of me. There are days like that when it´s so nice to have someone who takes care of you and helps you get through the day. Someone who makes breakfast for you, cleans your bike, drive the car to the race so that you can sleep the entire way… Yes, I know I´m spoilt 😉 Thank you for that Martin! I promisse to pay you back…
The start was 18.00 and we had 96km to do. Halfway I attacked and got one rider with me, Tanja Hennes from German. We worked well together and the bunch never cought us back. I won the sprint and a 4th victory this year is now added on my list.
After the race me and Martin were invited to dinner at Michelle and Bettys place (a couple that Martin knows). A bottle of champagne to celebrate the victory, and then a great pasta carbonara with a strong coffee and cake for dessert before we went back to Zingem made the day complete. I´m pretty sure that this will be a day to always remember :)

Me and Martin




  1. Pia says:

    Grattis till segern! Kul att se att det går bra för svenska tjejer. Mera sånt!

  2. Lillebroor bapaaapaa says:

    Well done sis! Nu är det dags att du kommer hem och hälsar på!

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