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2007.07.23 - News Editor

It was a nice victory in the midddle of a tough period of training. When I came back to Belgium me and Martin sat up a trainingschedule towards the World Cup in Sweden, so the last two weeks have been busy with hard and long days on my bike.
Saturday I went to and back from the race in Flobecq on my bike. I didn´t have my best legs in the race but it was good training and it gave me a 4th place. Yesterday morning I could hardly get out of bed, knowing I have to go on my bike for 1,5 hours and then the race in Boezinge… Came back from my ride and went straight to bed, woke up to lunch made from Martin:) And then to Boezinge with no expectations. Suzie Godart, the Champion of Luxemburg, went on the first lap of twelve and on the third lap I attacked and went across to her. I was surprised how good my legs felt and on the last lap I attacked and won solo.
Today is just another day at the office and I have a long ride to do…

photo: Luc Blouwe




  1. Jenny says:

    GRATTIA!!!! Vad skulle jag ta mig till utan dig och Martin 😉

  2. Atle says:

    Gratis!!!!!!!! Ser ut til at du har bevart formen fra SM. Snart ses vi i Belgia igjen. Hils Martin.

  3. Emma says:

    Grattis Vännen!! Du är så duktig!!! Hoppas allt är bra med dig i övrigt!! Hälsa Martin!! Stora kramar

  4. Broz says:

    Thats the way we like to see you! Goood work!

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