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Jet Lag

2007.05.31 - News Editor

I’m sooo tired! After what have seemed like the longest trip of my life we’re finally here. Chongming Island is far away and from what we have seen a very windy and flat island with a lot of nice chinese people 🙂 Tomorrow we are going out on our bikes with all the other riders that are also racing here, hopefully we’ll see a bit more off the island then…
Off to sleep now, have to give my “elephant legs” a rest after the long trip!
Emma: you don’t know how it feels to have two off them 😉 Miss you over here…
Take care everyone.




  1. Broz says:

    China rockhey! Get some elprylar ar billigt som fasen dar borta! Lycka till pa racet. Jag ar i canada…..

  2. Emma Jones says:

    Two elephant legs – impressive! All is well in Belgium, Daisy is missing her auntie emma!

    See you soon and good luck!

    lots of love em xx

    p.s. email me the return details so i can pick you up.

  3. Team Swedensson says:

    Rock o roll! Vi sitter här på kaffestugan i Mora och bara mååår! Det är inte klokt vad det är skönt att leva! Go and get em! Besos!!

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