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2007.05.19 - News Editor

Since Martin is racing in the Olympias Tour this week I thought that it would be an great opportunity to make a trip to my family in Holland (it´s the family that I stayed in the whole 2005 season)
It´s been a while since I was here the last time… and a lot has happend, still we haven´t had time enough to catch up!
Came up here to Hoogeveen on tuesday evening and since then it´s been busy:-) some training in the wind, a criterium in Lekkerkerk where I finished 6th, trying to talk dutch with the kids, watching Martin race in Olympias Tour, watching Jens (the oldest boy in the family) race in Emmen, etc etc…
it´s a pity that time flyes when you´re having a good time, tomorrow I´m going to a race in the south off Holland and then it´s already time to go back home to Belgium. 
A lot off thanks to Dick, Marita, Jens, Liam and Dain for letting me come and stay at their place, hope that I will see you all soon again!
Maybe we even get a visit in Zingem?!
me and the whole family Dekker (Dick, Marita, Jens, Liam, Dain) Jens in full action Martin warming up for the timetrail in O.TourEmma


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  1. Broz says:

    Hej Syster!

    Kul inlagg, mer sadant! Hitta pa lite skojiga saker gor ju livet vart att leva! Livetsliv du vet! Hoppas snart pa ett inlagg pa fran dig och martin!

    Ta hand om dig!

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