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2007.04.26 - News Editor

Yesterday was a good day for me, I did an excellent job for Sofie Goor from my team. Sofie is the climber in my team and was 7th in this race last year. So yesterday we road for her. My job was to be in the front til the last climb and to be alert on attacks. I placed my self in the front of the bunch hoping that I would make it to the last kilometer… And luckily my good legs has arrived now and when I suffered so was the others :-) I made it to the last climb, the famous “Mur de Huy”, and then it was up to Sofie to preform the result… Passed her halfway on the climb, she was “parked” and her legs didn´t want to perform as her head wanted :-( I finished 34th and Sofie 40th.

Back in my apartment now and today I´m having a restday. Martin has gone to Finland for two races this weekend so it´s very quiet here… Good luck sweetie, hope you race your self to an haircut this weekend 😉



  1. Littlebroz says:

    You doing good girl. Har vankas fullmane!

  2. Broz says:

    Bra jobbat, mer vill vi se!

  3. emma says:

    Hi everyone!
    Pierre-Antoine – Yes, this weekend I´m racing in Roeselare. See you there…
    Sockan – saknar dig och hoppas pÃ¥ besök här nere snart, PUSS

  4. Sockan says:

    Vad duktigt du körde Sorkis, attans grymt:) Puss puss Love love

  5. pierre-antoine says:

    hi Emma ! I just want to ask you where you’ll ride this weekend ? roeselare ?

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