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2007.04.16 - News Editor

The World Cup for me was just as frustrated as the saturdays race. With good legs and a head that wanted to perform but so many other girls in my way 😉 Finished 30th in the sprint.
Went back to the hotel and I decided that tomorrow (sunday) is going to be My day. A breakaway was my goal and to attack atleast once. I knew that the cobbles was going to be an important part of the race, and so it was… after the cobbles a group of 17 riders went away, and I was in it! But it only lasted for 30km. I attacked just before the bunch cought us, hoping to get some girls with me but they let me go alone and that wasn´t what I wanted. To many kilometers to the finish and I let me back to the bunch. Finished 18th this time and satisfied with being a part of the race!

Alot of thanks to Marita, Dick, Jens, Liam and Dain for the bananacake, it was splendid!

Today me and Martin have had an vacationday in Brugge, Belgiums answere to Venice. The whole day just doing nothing was just what we needed 🙂

Me and Martin along a canal in Brugge

Chocolateshop in Brugge, mmmm....



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  1. Broz says:

    In Cusco a greaaaat place! It sounds like you are doing well, keep up the god spirit and the results will come!
    Say hej to Martin!


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