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Topp 10

2007.04.12 - News Editor

First day in Drenthe and it was something different from all the other years.
Think that we really have the weathergod on our side this year! Normally it´s all about wet, slippery roads and cold fingers but today we had 20 degrees and sunny weather, which I ofcourse prefer 🙂
Anyway, I had a good day… My plan was to be a bit smart and to not consume to much energy in the beginning, and it worked! But then when it all happened and they started going very fast I was sitting to far back, I had problems to close the gaps and I thought that the race was over for me…
But luckily they slowed down in the front and I was back, and so was my legs 🙂
Finished 10th in the bunchsprint. Full results here.

Tomorrow we have a restday and the teampresentation for the World Cup that goes on saturday…

Keep crossing your fingers for me!




  1. Danny says:

    hell yeah Drenthe goes tropical we brought the sun from mallorca to Drenthe.and i like it good luck saturday and sunday

  2. mama mu says:

    Miss you all the time, you are the best! Good Luck on Saturday ( don´t eat to much bananacake before the race ) You know what we use to say..SPRÄNG DOM!

  3. Emma says:

    Grattis!! Du är grym Vännen!! Ska hem till Borensberg en sväng och umgås med familjen i helgen, så vi ska alla hålla tummarna för dig!! Ha det super! Kramkram

  4. tom dv says:

    With 27° coming up for the weekend the results can only be getting better. Good luck

  5. littlebrother says:

    Good moorning Vietnam! Knock them down on saturday! They can run, but they will only die tired. Love you.

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