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2007.03.09 - News Editor

After a great trainingweek in Fayance it seemed like my body needed a big and long rest. And since I came back I have spend most off my time in bed with “the belgium flu”. A perfect opportunity to get to know all the Belgium channels and my new sofa, wich I´m already quite sick off 😉
But finally I´m back from what have seemed like the longest week of my life and now I´m ready to have a normal life in Belgium with training, races and to spend some time outside my apartment aswell.
This weekend I had planned to race in England but since I´m still coughing the races have to wait a little bit more. Some hours on my bike and hopefully that will get rid of the last bit slime in my throat, and then I´ll be ready for racingpremier next weekend.

Tot ziens,




  1. Broz says:

    Hi siz!

    Hope you recover fast from the Belgian flu, you didnt get sofa bugs, hey!
    Im right now in Pucon Chile, but soon I fly to Buenos aires to get my Pink bus Bull again! And yes, garlic is the best, hahaha gooood that Im far away!

    Go fast!

    Love ya

  2. mamma mu says:

    ojojoj the belgian doesn`t sounds good at all. you know what we alvays say..GARLIC !!!!
    I think you will be cruel when you are back on the road again. Krya på dig. puss

  3. Jenny says:

    Stackars liten! Flunssan, och till råga på allt den Belgiska!!! Krya på dig! Saknar dig här hemma! Jenny

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