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2007.02.28 - News Editor

This week made me realize that my earlier experiences from France were wrong, or atleast now they´ve changed. All small hotelrooms have turned into warm and big houses and the overcooked pasta I´m used to from all the French races is “aldente” and it´s not all about wine and stinky cheese…. It might have something to do with that we brought our own chef Jason with us from Belgium, and that he´s doing an exellent job in the kitchen. So don´t worry mum, I´m not gonna get to skinny 😉
We arrived here saturday evening and our first trainingday was sunday. Three hours in the rain and everyone of us were quite tired when we came back, luckily that has been the only day with rain. These last three days have been sunny and warm and we have had some really nice hours on our new bikes.
The area around here I perfect for cycling, Fayance has everything. Long clims, short hills, flat along the coast… and alot of wind!
Today we had a recoveryday with two easy hours and tomorrow 150km are waiting for us and then 120km on friday, our last day before going home.
Back in Zingem we are finally moving into our apartment, can´t wait to get everything ready and to move out from my suitcase :-)
About me; I´m feeling better for every day. Starting to get used to my new bike, my new clothes and my new teammates. And I feel that I´m ready for racing now, can´t wait for the season to start again! Only nine days left…

Take a look at the photos from my trainingcamp here



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  1. Big E says:

    It’s all good!

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