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2007.02.15 - News Editor

I’m on my way!
And since the connections from the north of Sweden are so good, it’s going to be a long trip today like so many times before.
I took the early flight from Kramfors this morning, there are two flights every day but with my normal luck the one in the evening couldn’t fit in with my flight to Brussels.
So now I’m at Arlanda Airport in Stockholm and waiting, and waiting… I’m already bored so I guess it’s going to be a long day. But anyway, atleast I’m finally on my way.

A lot of thanks to all off you who have visited my website these last days, all your greetings on my guestbook and on my mail makes me smile so keep on writing.
About the polar bears…. I saw something white and big in the snow, it might have been a polar bear or… 😉 

Time for a coffee, only eight hours left…. 




  1. mum says:

    hello little daughter I knoww how it feels like waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting Lucky you that you are a Johansson( a hard and strong person)…Ã¥ andra sidan vet du ju att det som inte dødar det härdar ) Ha de !!!

  2. Broz says:

    Regards from the south of Argentina! I still rock south in this Pinkbus moving towards tierra del fuego, It feels goooood!

    Hope everything is great and that survived Arlanda Airport:)


  3. Danny says:

    Emma please dont make fun of me ,he down here the only big wild animal is me riding a bike.and i,m not dressed in white and i did not trained that far up norht, so it wassend me.anyway good luck and see yah

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