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2007.02.12 - News Editor

After several years of thinking about my own website, it´s finally here…
With alot of help from Jakob (the designer of the site) I proudly presents my very first official website!
My idea with this site is that everyone who wants to follow my “
adventurous” life as a professional cyclist and as a normal Swede in Belgium will have the opportunity to do it here.
I decided to have the website in english, not because it´s my favourite language but because it´s most worldwide.
But please don´t forget that I´m “blond and blue-eyed” and that english therefore isn´t my main language.
I promise that I will try my best to get it all understandable….

At the moment I´m at home in the north of Sweden, outside it´s 23 degrees cold and polarbears are walking down the streets…
Since I´m just back from a trainingcamp most of my training these last days have been on my hometrainer, not so stimulating but atleast warm and sweaty.
The trainingcamp were located on Gran Canaria and we were lucky to have sunny weather almost every day. So without a problem I could get the longdistance training that I had planned, 55 hours in 13 days! It was so nice to be back on the roadracer after some long months on my mountainbike. You can find photos from GC. here.
A nice rest along with some hard intervalls have done me good this last week before moving :-)
Today I´m just about to start and pack my bag for Belgium and my new team for this year, Vlaanderen-Capri Sonne-T-Interim. I´m really excited about moving there, to have my own apartment with my boyfriend and to be located in the middle of Europe. Wich means closer to all the races and less travelling for me :-)
 I´ll tell you more once I settled down in my new country…

Visit my guestbook and tell me what you think about my new site or just send me a greet. 



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  1. Anders Nyström says:

    Hej Emma!
    Jag råkade ramla in på din hemsida under VCF:s årsmöte den 24 febr. Vi funderade på om du åkte EM under ´2006.
    Jag skall leta i din “homepage” och kolla om du har skrivit nÃ¥got om detta.
    Hälsningar från ett vintrigt och blåsigt Härnösand.
    Vi tänker alltid på hur du har det. Göran N, Ulf Näslund, Vossan och Helge Landfors hälsar också Ha det!!//Anders Ny

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